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Very Cool E-Liquid by Naked 100 Review

Very Cool is an amazing vape juice by Naked 100. It has a delicious taste that is bound to excite your taste buds. Very Cool is a sophisticated e-liquid that blends different berries, honey, and menthol flavor to arrive at its unique taste. This e-liquid is a combination of blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and honey. You also get undertones of a cooling menthol flavors when you vape Very Cool. The different berry flavors in this e-liquid are of premium quality. The honey flavor in this e-liquid also has a rich, sweet taste. The different berry flavors in this e-liquid are so well blended. None of these flavors gets to the point of becoming too much or overpowering. Very Cool has a balanced taste with a mouthwatering effect. This premium e-juice does taste artificial or chemical-like in any way. Very Cool is ideal for vapers looking for e-liquids that they can vape all day long. The yummy taste that you get from vaping Very Cool has an enthralling effect.

Naked 100 Very Cool is one of those e-liquids that every vaper who enjoys berries should try. In my opinion, Very Cool is one of the best berry e-liquids that you will find on the market. The medley of different flavors in this e-liquid gives it a pleasant taste that stays interesting throughout the inhale and exhale. Very Cool has the taste of wild blueberries, juicy raspberries, and ripe blackberries on the inhale. The taste of the berries on the exhale of Very Cool is inviting. The exhale of this e-liquid presents the taste of blackberries blended with honey. You can also taste notes of the mint flavor on the inhale and exhale when vaping this e-liquid. Very Cool is one of those e-liquids that you cannot stop vaping once you open it.

Very Cool is produced with both vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) at a ratio of 70/30 percent. This e-juice has a dense texture that makes it work optimally when vaped with a sub ohm tank or with a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). Very Cool is not one of those e-liquids that can be described as a coil killer. This e-liquid does not stain coils easily.

Very Cool is massive cloud producing vape juice. With every hit you take of this e-liquid, you blow huge clouds of vapor. The massive clouds of vapor that you get from vaping this e-liquid also have a pleasant aroma.

Very Cool is produced with different nicotine strength levels. This premium e-liquid comes with 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg of nicotine. Very Cool has a mellow throat hit. With Very Cool you do not get affected by any throat discomfort. The nicotine content of this e-liquid is sure to please vapers who have a thing for high amounts of nicotine. Very Cool has a smooth throat hit.

Very Cool is manufactured in the United States by Naked 100. This e-liquid brand is well known among vapers across the world. Naked 100 is popular for its rich and spot-on e-liquid flavors. The e-liquids in this brand tend to taste exactly like the flavor description. Like all other Naked 100 e-liquids, Very Cool is produced with premium quality ingredients hence its genuine tastes. Naked 100 has several yummy e-liquid flavors in its collection.

You can purchase a 60ml bottle of Very Cool by Naked 100 for only $10.00 via This vape shop deals in high-quality e-liquids and other vaping products. PinkVape sells its products at very low prices. Besides Very Cool, you can buy other Naked 100 e-liquids from Pink Vape. Some Naked 100 e-liquids available at this online store are All Melon, Amazing Mango, American Patriot, Azul Berries, Berry Belts, Brain Freeze, Cuban Blend Tobacco, Euro Gold, Frostbite, Green Blast, Go Nanas and Hawaiian POG.


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