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Unicorn Treats E-Liquid by Humble Juice Review

There are two cereal e-liquids in the original Humble Juice line; Unicorn Treats and American Dream. These are two remarkable cereal vapes that will bring back beautiful memories of your childhood days.

Unicorn Treats appears to have been inspired by the popular Lucky Charm cereal. This is a delicious e-juice. You get a sweet, tantalizing taste on the inhale that gives way to the taste of oat grains. On the exhale, you can pick up notes of marshmallow and a hint of milk. This is a mouthwatering vape liquid.  If you like cereal, this can quickly become an all-day vape.

The vegetable glycerin (VG), and propylene glycol (PG) ratio is 80/20.  The e-juice comes pre-steeped from the factory so it is set to be vaped as soon as you receive it. This e-juice is not easy on coils.

Although this is a MAX VG blend, the flavor is bold.  The flavor of this e-juice is not in-your-face, but it tastes very realistic. You will get gigantic billows of clouds from every hit. Whether you are a cloud chaser or flavor chaser, you will not be disappointed.

Unicorn Treats by Humble Juice comes with varying nicotine concentration levels. You can opt for either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. Regardless of the nicotine level that you choose, the e-juice vapes smoothly. You can hardly feel any throat hit even when vaping the version with 6mg of nicotine. If you want a very strong throat hit, you can mix the e-juice with nicotine booster.

Humble Juice does not only have some of the best vape juice flavors on the market but also offers affordable prices. The company has an efficient in-house shipping and distribution system that ensures it offers customers reduced prices.

Unicorn Treats comes in a chubby gorilla plastic bottle with a childproof cap. You will find the Humble Juice logo and all the usual information printed on the bottle.

A 120ml bottle of Unicorn Treats is going for only $24.99 at the Humble Juice online store. This company is currently offering a BOGO deal that allows you to get two 120ml bottles of Humble Juice e-liquids for that price.

You can choose two bottles of the same e-juice or pair two different Humble Juice e-liquids for the BOGO package. If you really like breakfast vapes, you can grab a bottle of American Dream and Unicorn Treats for just $24.99.

There are ten different e-liquids in original Humble Juice line – American Dream, Unicorn Treats, Donkey Khan, Smash Mouth, Pee Wee Kiwi, Humble Crumble, Hop Scotch, Vape the Rainbow, Sweater Puppets, and Berry Blow Doe.

Humble Juice Company has other e-liquid lines on the market such as Havana Juice series, the Hustle Juice series, the HMBL Juice series, the Havoc Juice series, and the Humble X Flawless series.

Humble Juice has a team of experts who seek the best flavors to create fantastic e-juice blends and test their quality before shipment.

Humble Juice is an award-winning company. The company’s e-liquids do not have any weird, artificial taste. This is because only the finest ingredients are used to make Humble Juice e-liquids.

You can taste the soft texture of the marshmallow and oat grains in Unicorn Treats. The blend is simply perfect. The marshmallow accentuates the milk flavor in the mix.  This e-liquid is sweet, but not overly sweet. This is by far the best vape juice out there with the flavor of Lucky Charms cereal.  You are unlikely to quickly get sick of the flavor of Unicorn Treats.


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