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Tre House HHC Disposable Vape Review

Tre-ppy (trippy) sums up the experience you will get from Tre House’s HHC disposable vape. The device as a whole contains features that make the vaping experience unforgettable. Now combine that with Tre House’s special strain formulas, and you get a disposable that you will be reluctant to dispose of.

Features and Specification

  • It easily offers 2 grams of flavored vaping juice.
  • an integrated battery that is completely rechargeable.
  • offers more than one strain option.
  • The strains contain HHC and terpenes.
  • Properly and conveniently disposable

Design and Build Quality

When you pick up the Tre House disposable vape off the shelf, it’s more often because of its eye-catching packaging and design. You can handle this inconspicuously in public because of the portability of its build.

Regarding appearance, this disposable vape looks like it belongs as a party decoration. It is fun to look at and just as fun to use. Tre House created this disposable vape with ease of use in mind, making it especially appealing to those who are getting their beaks wet for the first time. It comes pre-filled and pre-charged, so all you have to do is power the device to start enjoying its special blend.

With up to 2 grams of liquid capacity, you are guaranteed an ample amount of time for surreal vaping. If the battery runs out before you’re done, no worries. The rechargeable battery that comes with the vaping device ensures that it can be used or reused as many times as you find convenient. When you are done, simply toss it into the recycle bin.

Regarding content, HHC and terpenes were dominantly used, with up to 1900 mg of HHC contained in the mix. Delta 9 was added in very little quantity. However, the potency of the blend has to be given its due acclaim. When the device gets to work producing those puffs for you to inhale, get ready for a smooth, trippy, head-buzzing hit.

Overall, the device excels in the convenience of use, content blend, and—being rechargeable as well as disposable—as an economic choice.

Flavor Review

Tre House HHC disposable vapes are available in up to four different strains to provide users with variety:

  • Watermelon Zkit (Indica): This is the most tropical-tasting strain of the four. It is exotic, both in smell and aroma. Watermelon laces every puff.
  •  Grape Ape (Indica, Live Resin): If you have a sweet tooth, the grape ape is perfect for you. The predominant taste is grape. That is why, with each puff, you are greeted with an aromatic scent and a sugary taste fills your mouth.
  •  Lemon Slushie (Sativa): This refreshing mix of zesty lemon and the sweetness of a slushie taste is what makes this particular strain unforgettable. The Lemon Slushie, like most of their HHC disposable formula, gives you a hit that leads to a surreal experience.
  •  Blue Milk (Hybrid): This strain offers a fruity burst of flavor. The composition of the formula leaves you relaxed, and in a couple of minutes, your mood gets elevated. 
  • It is smooth and silky, delivering a buzzing, relaxing, and trippy HHC strain without a harsh throat delivery.


The quality of the blend in these HHC disposable vapes shows the mastery Tre House has built through years of experience and finely tuned formulations and blends. Tre House has excelled in artificial flavor manufacturing.

In their lab, the best cannabinoids are selected and then brought in. From these, the most electric blends are created, from delta 8 and HHC mixes to HHC and THC-O in their brownies, cookies, chewable, and vapes.

Pricing and Availability

The HHC disposable by Tre House can be found on their official website. For the best deals, though, you would have to skimp over to the website Superstrain, where you can find it for $24.99.


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