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Tobacco Trail by Cuttwood 120ml Review

The Cuttwood Vape Juice brand is one of the finest in the vaping industry with a collection of high-quality e-liquids. This company based in Irvine, California began operations in 2016. Cuttwood Vape Juice produces some of the best e-liquids on the market. Unlike other brands, Cuttwood uses only high-quality e-liquids in production. This company has a collection of some of the finest e-liquids on the market. This post will focus on Tobacco Trail, one of the highest selling by this brand.

Flavor Description

Tobacco Trail has the flavor of sweet and mild honey excellently blended with smooth tobacco. Unlike many other tobacco blends on the market, Tobacco Trail is not harsh and will leave you craving another hit.

Cuttwood Tobacco Trail is just right for all-day vape sessions. The rich taste of its flavors is well blended with not becoming overbearing. Both inhale and exhale are pleasant. This e-liquid will suit vaping enthusiasts who enjoy sweet flavors. And unlike other sweet e-liquids on the market, the sweetness you get from vaping Tobacco Trail does not become too much. The tobacco and honey flavors complement each other well.

VG/PG Ratio

Tobacco Trail by Cuttwood Vape Juice contains 70 percent Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and 30 percent Propylene Glycol (PG). This e-juice is also designed to produce large clouds of vapor with every hit you take. Tobacco Trail is the ideal choice for vapers who enjoy practicing cloud tricks.

Nicotine Level

Tobacco Trail contains high-quality American-made freebase nicotine in different concentration levels including 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, or 12mg. This e-liquid has a smooth throat hit that will not leave you with an unpleasant aftertaste. You can vape Tobacco Trail using a sub-ohm tank or RDA.

Bottle Size/Price

Tobacco Trail by Cuttwood Vape Juice comes in a 120ml unicorn-shaped bottle that you can buy from any vape store. This bottle also comes with a Child-Lock Safety Cap.

You will find that the best deals are available at Guide To Vaping. At this vape store, a bottle of Tobacco Trail for $19.99. This company has a collection of other high-quality vape products.

Besides Tobacco Trail, other Cuttwood e-liquids available at the Guide To Vape stores are Unicorn Milk, Sugar Drizzle, and Boss Reserve. You also find products from other impressive vape brands at this store. Some of these brands are Candy King, Cloud Nurdz, Cuttwood Vapors, Elf Bar, Esco Bars, Fire Vapors, Flum Vapor, Humble Juice Co, Hyde Vape, I Love Salts, Juice Head Eliquid, Loaded E-Juice, Monster Vape Labs, Naked 100 18, Pachamama, PHYRE Vapor, Puff Xtra, Real Floom, Ruthless Vapor, Skwed, Slaps Disposables, Snowwolf, The One, Tugpod Vape, Vape Gand and several others.

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