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The Best E-Cigs Starter Kits on the Market

Electronic cigarette devices come with different features, shapes, and capacity.  Whether you’re a novice or a veteran, it is essential to have the best experience possible. The device that you choose needs to be adequate and satisfy your vaping desires.  Choosing a device can sometimes be daunting. There is a vast array of devices to choose from. However, starter kits can be broken into three main categories; cigalikes, vape pens, and mods.  

The Best Cigalikes

The top three best cigalikes currently on the market include:

  • The V2 EX Series Starter Kit – This is one of the most advanced cigalike on the market. Despite its small size, it produces abundant clouds of vapor and great flavor. It comes with a battery indicator and a long battery life. It has the shape of a cigarette and is the perfect solution for a starter who want refillable clearomizer or tank.
  • The Halo G6 Starter Kit – The G6 is an all-around kit that allows you a choice for different cartridges, batteries, and color. Halo Cigs is renowned for making some of the best vape juices on the market. There are many flavor options and nicotine options for this device.
  • JUUL – There has been some controversy recently in vaping news about JUUL pods being a magnet for teenagers. It is a high-tech vape device which uses a pod system that is simple and very convenient. Despite its small size, it has the capacity of larger devices.

The Best Vape Pens

  • Halo Triton II – This is an outstanding device for novice and experienced vapers alike. The most significant feature of this device is that the airflow can be adjusted to cater both for mouth-to-lung and direct lung hits. Hence, it is suitable for every vaper.
  • The MLV Phix Kit – This vape pen uses ceramic coils. Hence, it will give you a very crisp flavor. Vaping with this device simulates the sensation of smoking.
  • The Innokin Endura T20 – The Innokin has a 2ml tank that is 20 ml in diameter. The device uses organic cotton that provides fantastic flavor for such a tiny device. The performance is extraordinary. It has a nice and sleek design.

The Best Mods

  • Eleaf iStick Pico 25 – This mod places novice and experienced vapers right into the vaping game. It is small enough to be easily portable but also packs lots of power. It supports a 25 mm atomizer.
  • The Innokin Kroma – The Innokin is a simple mod with lots of features and delivers 75 watts of vaping power. It includes a Zenith tank and is the perfect mod for a novice to get started.

These devices are not necessarily the most powerful, but they provide the best vaping experience. It is also a question of personal taste whether you prefer one device or the other since there are many different factors that come into play. Websites such as will provide all the information that you need to know about the latest devices in the vaping industry.

Some Personal Preference to Consider

What you may desire from an e-cig device can be totally different from someone else. You may desire something simple, but someone else may want something more complex.  However, you need to look out for three things to get the best vaping experience regardless of the device.

  • Battery performance – How much power an e-cig battery can store also gives an indication of the length of time you can vape before recharging.
  • Liquid capacity – Some devices such as ciglikes come with pre-installed e-liquid flavors, but others have tanks of various sizes. Obviously, the bigger the tank, the more e-juice it can hold.
  • Variable battery – This is a battery where you can turn the voltage up and down. Higher or lower heat has a tremendous impact on flavor and the amount of vapor.

When choosing an e-cig kit, you should always seek to choose a reputable brand. Price plays a factor, but you can find devices from very reputable brands at affordable prices.


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