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TAAT Review: Smoking Cessation Is Now Easier Than Before

There are billions of smokers globally. Although 1.3 billion smokers are willing to quit, the nicotine in traditional cigarettes makes it difficult. Quitting smoking is associated with improved health status and quality of life. It also decreases incidences of premature death.

Due to the negative effects linked to smoking, people are using nicotine replacement therapy (NRP). And yet these therapies have proved ineffective to smokers quitting even when combined with smoking cessation counseling. Nicotine is the primary active ingredient in tobacco products that make people addicted to smoking leading to widespread mortality and morbidity. Quitting smoking reduces the risk of various negative health outcomes including cardiovascular disease, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and poor reproductive health. Smoking cessation is also essential in protecting your family, friends, and colleagues from health risks related to secondhand smoke.

As a result, TAAT a US-based firm developed tobacco-free cigarettes from hemp and water. Specifically, 98% of hemp products are made from organic hemp and water while 2% are from a proprietary blend of 100% FDA-certified food-grade ingredients that reflect tobacco smokes you are used to. This is necessary is reducing the addictive nicotine but enjoy a taste of freedom. To appeal to traditional cigarette smokers, TAAT designed a patent-pending process that closely mimics smoking rituals by providing you with quality products with uniform CBD content in hemp filler. TAAT also ensures that the packaging of the products mimics the traditional cigarettes, which contain the branded FSC paper, Beyond Tobacco filler, and flip-top pack.

TAAT is also made from zero nicotine and tobacco. As a result of zero nicotine, you don’t get cravings common in traditional tobacco cigarettes. This helps to cut down your reliance on nicotine. The hemp in TAAP products provides you with a unique smoking experience and calming effects from cannabinoids (CBD).

The benefits of smoking hemp-based products derived from CDB include reducing chronic pain, depression, insomnia, anxiety, and relieving the frequency and severity of seizures. Moreover, TAAT hemp-based products are designed using Beyond Tobacco that has no nicotine dependency. The Beyond Tobacco material provides you a taste like tobacco, smells like smoke, burns with crackling sounds, looks like smoke, and holds it in a similar way to tobacco.

Apart from nicotine addiction, tobacco smokers find it difficult to keep up their smoking rituals. In this case, TAAT hemp products give you the freedom to ensure your smokable products that not harmful and addictive. As you would with tobacco cigarettes, you can roll TAAT product between your fingers and take the unique aroma. This suggests the American spirit yellow nicotine-free smokes is the best option for TAAT smooth because it has a calming effect and is chilled. TAAT Menthol has a minty taste of freshness similar to Newport, Marlboro Menthol, and KOOL.

TAAT offers hemp cigarettes with three flavors; Original, Smooth, and Menthol. TAAT Original has a strong tobacco flavor identical to American Spirit Blue, Winston, and Marlboro Red. TAAT Smooth is similar to American Yellow, Marlboro Gold, and Pall Mall Blue.

Compared to your regular cigarettes, TAAT is considerably cheap going at $6.99 per packet plus free shipping for all orders above $40. Of course, this is way better than the health risks associated with tobacco-related conditions and lost productive years. It is also convenient to buy TAAT products from the firm’s online store by creating an account on and getting the first free pack. You can also join TAAT VIP membership and save.



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