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TAAT Menthol CBD Cigarettes Review

Mint chocolate, mint-flavored cakes, and mint tea. Everything is better and tastier when some mint is incorporated, and TAAT menthol CBD cigarettes are no different. The brand has pioneered the next direction of smokes with its popular flavors, menthol being a fan favorite. If you are looking for a stimulating experience that provides a cool chill and a smooth, satisfying draw, look no further.

Smoking menthol CBD cigarettes allow you to enjoy the same experience offered by Newport, Marlboro menthol, and Kool without nicotine or tobacco. When drawn, the menthol flavor provides a soothing feeling to the throat. This satisfying smooth sensation will keep you yearning for more.

This explains why menthol nicotine-based cigarettes have been facing legal restrictions over the years. The menthol provides a relief that masks the harshness of the tobacco, leading to a consumer smoking more than necessary. Ultimately, this leads to addiction and numerous diseases, including cancer. TAAT Hemp/CBD cigarettes contain zero nicotine, zero tobacco, zero additives, and zero harmful chemicals. While the menthol flavor may keep you anticipating more puffs, there are no side effects. You only get to experience the effects of CBD, which are positive.

TAAT cigarettes are the best alternative to conventional cigarettes. Not only do they contain beneficial compounds, but they also provide a replica of the experiences offered by regular cigarettes. TAAT products have been specifically created to look, feel, and taste like your favorite smokes, without nicotine or tobacco. Made from a blend of hemp, food-grade ingredients, and water, the TAAT menthol pack is the closest thing to conventional cigarettes on the market. The box takes on a green hue, instantly capturing the consumer’s attention. Yellow and white writings complement the green color. This is one of the aesthetic packs available.

Each TAAT menthol pack contains 20 king-sized cigarettes. They look exactly like regular cigarettes. The feel and taste mimic those of your beloved brand to a tee. The sticks fit perfectly between the fingers (not too big or too small) and one’s lips. When combusted, the cigarettes emit thick clouds that fill the mouth, making it easier to blow gigantic clouds in the air. As the cool, soothing mint flavor sweeps over the palate, all the craving for tobacco cigarettes is swept away. This pack also comes in a carton, contains ten packs inside and a total of 200 sticks.

Working with a reputable brand is essential in your journey of weaning off tobacco and nicotine. TAAT has the interest of its consumers at heart, which is why its products are made from high-quality products. The hemp is American-grown. The brand sources hemp from farmers with years of experience growing organic hemp. Additionally, the hemp and all ingredients are tested for quality by a 3rd party.

The sticks contain a maximum of 25% CBD and 0.2% THC. This ensures that consumers experience the numerous benefits of CBD without intoxicating effects. CBD is a potent analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiemetic, anxiolytic, and sleep-inducing agent. The compound has grown in popularity due to its effectiveness as an alternative therapeutic option to traditional medicine. Additionally, smoking hemp ensures that the effects are instant. If you feel a craving, the effects of hemp cigarettes kick in within 10 minutes to provide relief.


The TAAT menthol pack is available at It retails at $6.99, while the carton can be purchased at $59.99. You can also make wholesale purchases at discounted prices. What’s more, customers get to enjoy free shipping on all orders above $40. TAAT, this is what freedom tastes like.


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