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Summer Skittles Candy E-liquid by Flavor Fog E-liquid Review

Summer, the Skittles candy flavored e-juice by Flavor Fog gives vapers a delight to vape on a hot summer day. It has the perfect flavor and a cooling sensation that is soothing and relaxing. You have probably enjoyed Skittles candies as a child and may reminisce the pleasant taste. With Summer Skittles candy e-juice, you obtain the delight of fruit-flavored sweets.

The company Flavor Fog, recently launched four fantastic ejuices. One for each season. Flavor Fog has a team that works diligently to create some of the best e-liquids flavors found on the market. The company uses only natural ingredients sourced domestically in the United States. All its products are premium-quality brewed to perfection using the latest technology and brewing methods.

For each of its seasonal e-liquids the company provided the name of the season. As such, Summer, the Skittles candy e-juice characterizes the vibrant summer season. This e-juice has the flavor that many vapers will appreciate on a hot summer day.

A Fantastic Flavor

Summer, Skittles candy e-juice gives a burst of flavors as you vape. It consists of a mashup of fruity flavors. As you vape, your taste buds are invaded with flavors of mango tangelo, berry punch, strawberry starfruit, pineapple passion fruits, and other delicious fruits. The taste is somewhat tangy in the mouth, but not overpowering. There is a subtle sweetness and a cooling sensation.

VG/PG Ratio

The vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of Summer Skittles candy e-juice is 70/30. The ratio is perfect for sub-ohm vaping or the use of rebuildable dripping atomizers (RDA). Summer Skittles candy e-juice produces abundant clouds. When you inhale, you can sense the thickness of the cloud, and as you exhale, the cloud production gives you the thrill you’re seeking from vaping. You will also like the fact that the cloud lingers for a while in the air before dissipating.

Nicotine Level

The throat hit is quite mild and gives a pleasant cooling and refreshing sensation. You can choose between 0mg, 3 mg or 6 mg of nicotine strength. Vapers who want to enjoy the fantastic flavor without any nicotine usually go for 0 mg of nicotine.


Summer Skittles candy vape juice come in a cardboard box that has minimalist design patterns. The appearance of the box is sleek. You will notice, the logo and brand name.  There is also a mandatory notification that is often found on most boxes of products containing nicotine.

The CRC Chubby Gorilla bottle is available in 60 ml. The label of the bottle has similar design patterns as on the box and the same content. The bottle is made of plastic and is pen-shaped allowing for easy dripping into tanks or atomizers. There is also a childproof safety cap.


Summer Skittles candy e-juice is offered at a very competitive price. You can obtain it for only $20 and enjoy the fantastic flavor of fruit-flavored sweets. It’s a real bargain price and a great opportunity.


You will find that Summer Skittles candy is one of the best vape juice you’ve ever vaped. It is perfect for the summer season. You can vape when relaxing on a couch, reflecting on different thoughts, when on a break from your different activities or when enjoying the beautiful summer sun. Each time you will relish the fantastic flavor. The burst of varying fruit flavors are mouthwateringly delicious and will entice you for more.

Flavor Fog’s seasonal e-liquids are a delight to indulge in. You will find that they are perfect and captivate the essence of the season, making you feel relaxed, energized and motivated as you ponder about the weather and other things.

Flavor Fog’s other seasonal e-juice include Autumn, the Cavendish tobacco flavored e-juice is perfect for the season. Winter, the lemon cake flavored e-liquid offers a delight during the cold months, and Spring, the strawberry crumble flavored e-liquid brings the freshness of the spring season.

Summer Skittles candy e-juice offers all the delight of enjoying the summer season. Regardless of your activities, whether your relaxing or not, vaping Summer Skittles candy e-juice is a delight that you will relish for the season. It invigorates your body as you vape. It’s delicious and offers a fantastic vaping experience.



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