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Reasons Why TAAT hemp cigarettes Are The New Norm

In the current world, a substance that we can smoke and still maintain our health is rare to find. Cigarette smoking is an extremely popular culture that has led to the health deterioration and death of millions of individuals. The habit is very addictive and hard to quit. Consequently, the need for an effective solution is paramount…hence the TAAT hemp cigarettes. 

These cigarettes are made using hemp and other natural ingredients to create a product that tastes, smells, and feels like regular cigarettes – without nicotine or tobacco. TAAT cigarettes undergo a patent-pending refinement process to create a substantially similar user experience to that of smoking tobacco. TAAT cigarettes allow smokers to maintain all the habits and actions associated with smoking, such as hand-to-mouth movement and blowing smoke in the air, but more safely. Below is a highlight of the benefits offered by TAAT cigarettes. 

TAAT cigarettes benefits 

  • They are safer to use.

TAAT does not contain harmful products like nitrosamines, tar, and ammonia, which are found in abundance in traditional cigarettes. It has come along with so many benefits to provide smokers with the same smoking experience they are familiar with, like the tobacco flavor, scent, and ritual with zero nicotine and zero tobacco.

  • They relax the mind to a great extent.

Each TAAT stick contains 25mg CBD. This cannabinoid is associated with multiple benefits, such as relaxation, calmness, better sleep, and pain management. When smoking TAAT cigarettes, you not only get to quit harmful substances but also enjoy many health benefits. 

Pros and cons that come along with TAAT hemp cigarettes.


  1. No addiction-there is no addiction associated since there is an absence of nicotine which is addictive.
  2. Readily available – the product is readily available even online, hence minimal struggle in acquiring it. 
  3. Less harmful to health – the absence of nicotine and tobacco in TAAT, which usually affects the lungs,  kidneys, and other vital organs in the body, has helped in maintaining good health.
  4. Cheaper – TAAT cigarettes cost a fraction of the cost of regular cigarettes. Using this product saves you both your health and money. 
  5. Keep your rituals – the only thing that changes is the absence of tobacco and nicotine in the product. TAAT cigarettes allow smokers to keep their rituals, which has been found effective in helping with smoking cessation. 

One of the hardest issues besides nicotine addiction that tobacco smokers have a hard time dealing with is setting aside their usual rituals. With TAATs you have the freedom to enjoy your habits formed over years of smoking which are not easily set aside and still enjoy a smokable product that is non-addictive.


In conclusion, TAAT hemp cigarettes provide a great way to help you reduce your dependency on nicotine. The hemp in the products provides a unique experience for smokers, providing a mild calming effect while satisfying the other physical cravings from smoking.

The number one benefit of hemp-based TAATs is simply being able to go Beyond Tobacco with a ZERO nicotine dependency product. TAAT has been explicitly created, crafted, and engineered to offer a unique alternative to tobacco products while still offering you the same ritual experiences of smoking.  

Where to purchase the TAAT cigarettes

You can purchase the TAAT cigarettes directly from the Trytaat website. A pack containing 20 sticks goes for $6.99, while a carton with 10 packs goes for $59.99.


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