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Prepaid e-Juice by Broke Dick Review

The catchy name Broke Dick may bring about all kinds of strange thought to many. But the name simply describes a manufacturer who makes e-liquid for vapers who are a little short on cash and are looking to purchase some cheap e-juice that is of the best quality.

Quite simply, broke refers to having no money, and Dick is a nickname for Richard, the company’s founder and owner. The company has a Monopoly-like brand trademark which has a character with empty pockets, and that is on a card that is given to you with your purchase. A great and well-thought out advertising idea. The company is based in Clearwater Florida and in just a few short years has built up an impressive world-wide client base.

This simple black and white logo is used on a just the right shade of yellow background. The juices comes in gorilla bottles that hold 120ml. In a very clever cost-cutting move, the product is sold without the typical drip or drop cap. Simply find a used cap or unicorn bottle and make the transfer and join the group of folks cutting down on packaging waste.


The flavour profile of Prepaid e-juice describes it as being full of tasty strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and luscious watermelon that combines to give one a tropical kick. The smell of this juice is very sweet, yet the actual taste is just right; not overpowering like many e-liquids that try to combine these flavours unsuccessfully. On inhale the raspberry is the dominant flavour that I pick up. Watermelon and strawberry clearly make their presence known on exhale, and this will give a great after-taste. On exhale there is an ever-so-slight taste of mint which works to balance-out the fruit sweetness.

Throat Hit

As mentioned, both inhale and exhale were smooth and enjoyable. I did experience a mild throat when I vaped the low-nicotine version of Prepaid. It in no way left me coughing or with a dry mouth looking for something to drink, and we all know what a drag that can be. With this juice you can go for those long, deep hits without any problems of your throat complaining.


Cloud Production

Broke Dick’s Prepaid comes with a 70/30 ratio and yet still produces some fantastic clouds. These may not be of competition quality, but they without a doubt have full body, and will linger for a bit compared to other e-juices that are in the same class. As mentioned you may not win any competitions with the clouds, but they are more than suffice for beginners to practice cloud tricks with. The lingering scent is a mild fruity one that is in no way overpowering or offensive. There’s a good chance others will ask you what you are vaping that leaves such a pleasant scent.

Final Verdict

Prepaid e-Juice by Broke Dick gave this old guy a very satisfactory performance.  I give it a thumbs up or five stars or whatever the young reviewers are giving the good juice these days. This is without a doubt one of the best cheap vape experiences I have ever had and I ‘ve done this a few times. Considering the cheap price it went beyond all my expectations. For a budget e-juice, this one really hits the mark. Perhaps the costly ‘premium’ e-liquid just is not in your budget, you are still able to enjoy your vaping experience when you use Broke Dick’s Prepaid e-juice. This is above-average and offered at an incredible price. Truly a great value for your money that provides incredible flavour, smooth throat hit, dense cloud production, and impressive packaging.


Nicotine Level   0mg  3mg  6mg

Bottle Size   120 ml

VG/PG   70/30


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