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How to Get the Most out of Your Sub Ohm Tank

Prime the Coil Heads

Before you use the coil head for the first time, you do priming. This word refers to the moisturization of the coil heads. The entire process is very simple. You drip some amount of the vape juice to the slots and holes of the coil head. This wets the wick. You can apply two to four drops of the e-liquid to the wicks and coils in a direct manner.

Wait for around 10 minutes to allow absorption on the coil heads. Do not be impatient because when you begin to vape immediately, the vape cotton burns. This time pause should be maintained because some parts of the coil head are not well soaked.

Slowly Increase the Wattage

It is best you begin vaping at a low wattage like 20 watts. It is normal you must give up the vapor and flavor at the start of vaping. This is better to prolong the longevity of your coils and not cost much because you won’t purchase more coils. You do less in a long run. It is great you slowly increase the wattage little by little over a few minutes to hours.

Doing this will allow the coil head to pause for a while in your sub ohm vaping sessions. You will also let the head get ready for the longer term vaping like gradual break-in. This is very important to prevent from drastic damages to your coil head. If you heat your device right away at 70 watts, the coil head gets destroyed knowing it is the first use.

Keep Tissues at Hand

Vaping is a bit messy process. Regardless of which kind of vape you’ll use, always keep a set of tissue paper or paper on hand.

Replace the Coil Heads on Time

If you use the coil heads, there are two major underwater currents. The coil heads lose their ability to saturate e-liquid because of the burnt wick or the burnt carbon. These coat the coil heads. It would have been nicer if there are external coil heads. But no invention exists that fit these requirements.

Ensure the coils are fresh so that it is always ready for sub ohm vaping. If you won’t do it, the flavor reduces. You’ll notice the lousy taste which is a first sign of old coil heads. If you allow this to happen, you will get used to the changes and won’t notice it anymore.

This means you must examine your device on a regular basis. Every time you refill your sub ohm tank, you check the coil heads. Put it into your routine. The color of the wicking material must be white. So when it becomes black or darker in color, you must replace it.

Rebuild the Coils

When you rebuild the coils, it’s now easy to do and enjoyable. Manufacturers provide you the ability to customize the wick, wire, build, and resistance. Plus, you can watch thousands of tutorials on YouTube if you don’t know where to begin. To know more information about this regardless of the level of difficulty, check out the official website of OFRF. They’ll be happy to assist you and you won’t worry if you don’t like to rebuild the coils yourself.

Choose Your Best Sub Ohm Tank

If you don’t want to build new coils and dripping like what rebuildable tank atomizers (RTAs) do, sub ohm tanks are for you. You must do priming to the coil head and install it. You also should fill the tank and gradually increase the wattage. Researching does a great job to know the best sub ohm tanks for flavor.


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