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How To Add Nicotine To Your E Juice Mixture

Almost every vaper has something in common, and that is quitting cigarettes. Nicotine is really helpful in this transition process as it helps even heavy smokers to kick the smoking habit. When working with nicotine, you have to take extra caution. Whether you are adding it in commercial ejuice, or you are using it as an ingredient in your DIY e juice recipe. Here are some of the reasons why you may consider adding nicotine to your ejuice:

  1. You are possibly vaping at a nicotine level that is not available in commercial ejuice brands, and so you need to top up
  2. You are possibly looking to add nicotine to a zero nicotine mix, whether commercial or your own DIY e juice recipe

Sometimes, even the best e juice recipes need a generous dose of nicotine to make it wholesome. 

Nicotine For Ejuice

Nicotine is one of the basic ingredients used in making ejuice. Nicotine intended for vaping is sold in a liquid solution. Oftentimes, nicotine is sold as a mixture of nicotine and propylene glycol (PG). Although you can find it in other variations like as a mixture with vegetable glycerin (VG). The variation in which you purchase your nicotine is important because it will influence how you will need to use it. Each variation has its benefits.

  • Nicotine and PG Mix (PG Base): this is the most commonly sold mixture of nicotine. It usually comes in higher nicotine volumes like 100mg/ml. Purchasing this mix of nicotine allows you to use smaller amounts so you do not negatively affect the flavor of your ejuice mixture. It also stores better since PG does not freeze.

This mix of nicotine is incredibly flexible, and an ideal option for DIY vapers. 

  • Nicotine and VG Mix (VG Base): One of the only reasons you may want to buy this is if you want your final ejuice mixture at a maximum VG level. This is great for cloud chasers but it is not an ideal option for DIY vapers.

Nicotine in ejuice is usually displayed as milligrams per millimeter (mg/ml), or as percent by weight (%). Most vendors that sell nicotine for ejuice already have the levels clearly marked on their websites using the mg/ml indicator. There are tons of resources and manufacturers to help you get on your feet. A good place is

Adding Nicotine To Your Ejuice Mixture

Just before you begin handling the nicotine itself, you want to follow some safety measures. This is because nicotine can be dangerous to handle when in higher concentrations. Here are a few measures to take when handling nicotine:

  • Use gloves to protect your hands
  • Put on safety goggles 
  • Avoid breathing in fumes
  • Keep it away from children and pets

Before you begin to mix your ejuice, whether you are simply revamping a commercial ejuice mixture, or you are spicing up your DIY ejuice mixture, there are a few things you want to identify and determine.

  • Target strength: the strength of nicotine you want in your final ejuice mixture.
  • Base strength: the strength of the nicotine solution you will be diluting.
  • Batch size: the total amount of ejuice you will be making

Step 1: Determine the target strength

Target strength is often categorized into low, medium, and high. 3mg and below is low, 6mg is medium, and 12mg and above is high. Depending on how much nicotine you are comfortable with, you can go ahead and choose a target strength.

Step 2: Identify the base strength

Depending on the type of nicotine you bought, you will need to identify the strength. For example, you may have bought a PG base with 4.8% strength, or a VG base with 4.8%. 

Step 3: Calculate the amount of nicotine solution you need

To do this, there is a simple formula: 

(Target strength/base strength) x batch size = amount of nicotine solution needed

You need to divide your determined target strength by your base strength that you identified earlier. Next, multiply your answer by the batch size of your ejuice mixture. The result will be the amount of nicotine solution you need to add into your batch to achieve your target nicotine strength.

Once you know how to add nicotine to your ejuice mixture, both DIY and commercial. All that is left is to go ahead and do it. 


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