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Dragonfly Vape Juice by Matt Cool Review


Dragonfly is a vape juice you will certainly appreciate. It has a nice flavor and an aroma that entices vapers who like apple-flavored e-juices. While most e-liquids on the market use red apples, Dragonfly consists of a selection of ripe green apples.

Matt Cool, a Malaysian vape juice manufacturer, produces Dragonfly. The company makes premium quality vape juices using only natural ingredients in the production and the most modern brewing methods. Matt Cool has a range of fruity eliquids it recently launched that are popular with vapers ; Fat Mango, Greedy Grapes, Lemon King, Pineapple Dash, Sexy Berry and Dragonfly. To make these ejuices, Matt Cool uses particular fruits. They produce some of the best fruity eliquids currently on the markets..

Fantastic Taste

Matt Cool Dragonfly is among the few e-liquids on the market that uses green apples. The vape juice encapsulates all the juiciness and flavor of green apples. Vapers enjoy the sweetness of green apples as they inhale. On the exhale, the full sweetness and tantalizing sourness of green apples excite their taste, but along with a nice koolada. The flavor remains consistent on the inhale and exhale. The entire experience leaves a nice cool apple aftertaste that lingers in the mouth for a while.

VG/PG Level

Vapers have a choice of two different vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) levels. These are either a VG /PG ratio of 50/50 or a VG/PG ratio of 70/30. Matt Cool devotes lots of effort to find VG/PG levels that provide the best vaping experience. The ejuice at these levels have medium thickness.

Vapers who like to blow huge clouds appreciate the abundant cloud production of Dragonfly. They also like the cloud’s thickness and the fact that they last longer before dissipating into the air. Dragonfly is smooth on the throat as you inhale and exhale. Vapers seeking to enjoy the wonderful taste and the cloud production appreciate the mild throat hit.

Nicotine Level

Dragonfly comes in varying nicotine strength. Vapers have a choice of 30 ml or 50 ml bottles having either 0 mg, 3 mg, or 6 mg of nicotine strength. These nicotine strengths are all very low and produce a mild throat hit. These levels are perfect for newbies and veteran vapers who are after a great experience vaping, and appreciate mild throat hits.


The cool dude wearing a gold chain and sunglasses that represent Matt Cool’s trademark is on the box and the bottle. For Dragonfly, the green color has been chosen. The entire box is green and the dude’s body is gray with some green parts. There is a childproof safety cap on the bottle. The opening is made in the form of a funnel to facilitate dripping.


The cost of a 30 ml bottle of 6 mg is only $10.99 USD. Matt Cool offer vapers some of the best e-liquid deals on the market. The company pride itself on high-quality and great prices. This is an opportunity for vapers seeking great value and the best e-liquids on the market. They obtain great value for money.


Vapers who appreciate fruity eliquids will find Dragonfly fantastic, especially those who have a special preference for apple-flavored eliquids. This juice is great for a very nice all-day vaping experience. There is the wonderful flavor of green apples, and the entire experience is fantastic. You will enjoy this ejuice and for sure will consider it one of the best ejuice you’ve vaped so far.

Whether you’re a novice or experienced, Matt Cools products should be on your list of vape juices. They are widely popular in vapers community. All of their products are premium quality and brewed using the most modern brewing methods and according to regulations.

To produce Dragonfly and its other products, Matt Cool uses natural ingredients, unlike many other vape juices that have artificial flavorings. Vapers delight with Matt Cool products because, besides the wonderful flavor, there is also a nice koolada when exhaling. The taste lasts a while in the mouth. Matt Cool provide some of the best vape juices found on the markets. The company is well known in Malaysia and worldwide for its premium quality products and fantastic prices.



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