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CBD Oil for Pets by Penelope’s Bloom Review

Using organic, high-quality, vegan, and non-GMO CBD oil is the perfect pain reliever for all breeds. Apart from the high-quality formula that makes up this tincture, the price remains cheap. Now there does not have to be a choice between quality and affordability.

Penelope’s Bloom CBD Oil for Pets is made of high-quality ingredients like Organic MCT Oil, Organic Hemp Extract, and Organic Chamomile Oil. The composition is rich in protein, with a very healthy and high-fat content of fatty acids. From this composition, we also find a great ratio of its Omega 6 and Omega 3 ratio.

From this sole perspective, it seems to be a healthier alternative than supplementing your pet with fish or flaxseed oil because there is more risk of allergic reactions. This product comes in a variety of oil strengths and amounts to suit your animal by weight, with that there is no provided serving as each of its users will hold a different tolerance to this tincture.

There is the option to mix the oil with the animal’s food or administer it orally. Choosing this CBD oil tincture will help your pet with their anxiety, high stress, and pain relief. By going the extra steps to ensure overall quality and satisfaction, they chose to have a third-party lab test to ensure this CBD oil for safety, potency, and effectiveness.

This is a tincture CBD oil that comes completely harmless to your pet. This cheap CBD oil tincture has the ability to stimulate the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for several biological functions.

The company, Penelope’s Bloom came from a true underdog background. The creators, who had the best intentions, were in the market to help their own beloved dog and her journey to a great pain reliever. With that situation, they decided to pursue their journey into creating an amazing product that is formulated with only the highest quality ingredients.

This company ensures the highest quality by making partnerships to find a hemp company that can meet their criteria of human-grade, vegan, cruelty-free, non-GMO, and organic products developed for pets. With all this in mind, they did not sacrifice the planet for this CBD oil. From not only the eco-conscious ingredients, but the packaging is also made with recycled material.

Penelope’s Bloom is also actively sharing a portion of every purchase from any product to a non-profit organization. They are a highly motivated company to provide an incredible product line of CBD treats, balms, and tinctures.


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