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Bananza Shake Vape Juice by Milkshake Liquids Review

You may have vaped different banana-flavored e-liquids however, Milkshake Liquids brings a new twist on the market that many flavor chasers just relish. Milkshake Liquids is known for offering various milkshake flavors by blending each of the flavors with a creamy vanilla bean. Its products stand out from many other for the rich creaminess and the unique milkshake taste. Bananza Shake is for those who appreciate the nice taste of banana milkshake. The flavor is sublime. You will appreciate every vape. It’s perfect when you desire something sweet and refreshing to drink.

Fantastic Flavor

Bananza Shake is the flavor of ripe bananas. As you vape, on the inhale, you get the sweet taste of ripe banana invades your taste buds. On the exhale, the flavor of banana blends with the taste of creamy vanilla ice cream. The cream feels smooth and thick.  The taste is super-delicious, difficult to explain, but unique. The cream gives it another twist that you will appreciate.The banana is not overbearing. It’s not super sweet and not super strong. It’s a very mellow milkshake

VG/PG Ratio

Bananza Shake has vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70/30. The max VG attracts many cloud chasers. There is massive cloud production. The clouds have a nice thickness and linger for a while in the air. The e-liquid has medium thickness, but it’s soft on coils. You can use any e-cig, but I find that if you use an RDA or a sub-ohm tank, you get the full flavor and cloud production, and just a better experience vaping.

Nicotine Level

Bananza Milkshake is available with nicotine strengths of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. These are low levels of nicotine strength and produce mild throat hits. If you like strong throat hit, you can always step up higher on the ladder by purchasing 10ml nic shots separately. When you vape, you feel no charring or burning sensation. There is no itching on the nose either as you exhale. Usually, the e-juice comes from the factory already steeped however, if the date on the package is less than two weeks, you may consider stepping it.


The box of Bananza Milkshake is simple, made of cardboard. It’s yellow, and there is a picture of a milkshake cup sitting on vanilla ice cream, and a banana on the side. You will find all the information about the e-juice and a mandatory notification found on all boxes of products containing nicotine. Bananza shake comes in a 60ml bottle that is made of plastic and has a milky white color. There is a childproof safety cap. The label contains the same picture like the box. When you smell the bottle, it smells like banana pudding, and you also have a little bit of cream. The taste is that of banana milkshake.


You can find cheap vape juice deals online. Bananza Shake can be purchased at a bargain price of $20.97. It’s one of the best deals online. It’s fantastic value for the money. Milkshake Liquids manufactures premium-quality vape juice and provides them at some of the best prices. You can find bargain prices at sometime with a reduction of 30% to 50% off. If you’re a loyal customer, there are many coupons and vouchers on offer that you can redeem on your next purchase.


Milkshake Liquids manufactures its products using the best ingredients. For Bananza Shakes, the company uses banana extracts to obtain the natural flavor of banana. The company specializes in the manufacture of milkshake e-juices and already has many different flavors such as Breezy Shake, Shamrock Shake, and Apple Shake. Bananza Shake falls into the category of beverage e-liquids. It is super-delicious, and perfect for flavor chasers. It can easily be an all-day vape. The taste lingers for a while in your mouth, enticing you for another puff. Milkshake Liquids uses the latest technology and brewing methods to manufacture some of the best milkshake-flavored e-liquid you will ever find on the market. The company has a team that diligently work to create each flavor. All its products are very popular with vapers worldwide. Bananza Shake is very refreshing. It’s perfect to vape anytime you want to indulge something sweet. you will like every puff and still crave for more.


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