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Atomic Dog Vapor’s Cuban eCigar Review

There are several products available at Atomic Dog Vapor. These are from e-cigarettes to cartridges, and a lot more. You can check these products out on the Atomic DoG Vapor website.

When you check out the company’s website, you will find it easy to look for what you want. The products are presented neatly online. You will experience excellent customer service from Atomic dog Vapor. Your orders are sure to arrive on time.

Special deals are offered by the company on several products. You will find these deals are worth taking advantage. There are Cuban e-Cigars deals that you will find once you visit the company’s website. Aside from that, the products that you will find there are of good quality.

Atomic Dog Vapor’s Cuban eCigar is one of the best devices that you will find on their website. You will see that the Cuban eCigar by Atomic Dog Vapor looks precisely like the real cigar. This is a great device to carry with you anywhere you go.


You right away will be attracted to the Cuban eCigar. It has the synthetic textured tobacco leaf and looks like the real thing. The tip of this device is designed to look like as if it has ash. The indication that it is an e-cigarette is the blue lead lighting system that lights up when the device is used.

The device provides you with 1800 puffs and is powered by a battery that is guaranteed to last long. You have to note that the cells are not rechargeable, so the eCigar needs to be disposed of once it is used. You need not worry about the item being not rechargeable because it has fully charged batteries upon purchase.

When you use the Cuban eCigar by Atomic Dog Vapor, you will taste the real Cuban Cigar flavor. Each puff is sure to satisfy you. You will enjoy this device and you can use t every day. This is simply one of the best Ecigars out on the market today.

Atomic Dog Vapor’s Cuban eCigar has two nicotine levels. You can choose from 12mg or the 24mg nicotine strength. If you are one that wants your e-cigarette to have a lighter hit, you can opt for the 12mg because the 24 mg is the full-bodied Cuban eCigar. What’s cool is the thick clouds that this device produces. These clouds stay longer in the air. You will not feel any irritation in your throat since the Cuban eCigar by Atomic Dog Vapor gives out a mild throat hit.


Atomic Dog Vapor’s Cuban eCigr is worth trying. It looks like a real Cuban cigar which is cool. The device does not produce any smoke and is easy to use anytime. If you are one that is always on the go, the Cuban eCigar by Atomic dog Vapor is the right e-cigarette for you.

When you check out the Atomic dog Vapor’s website, you will find several deals for the Cuban eCigar. Aside from the Cuban eCigar, you also can take advantage of the deals on the company’s Rechargeable eCigs. Once you deal with Atomic Dog Vapor, you sure will be coming back for more. You also can try getting the cartridges for a refill from the company. You see, you need not go too far because Atomic Dog Vapor offers most of what you need. You can even get e-liquids from the company, and these are great tasting ones.

Atomic Dog Vapor sure has a lot of products to offer to their customers. All these are sue to last long since they are made from high-quality materials. The Cuban ecigar is one of their best products. There may be other companies out there that have e-cigars, but Atomic Dog Vapor has made their Cuban eCigar to be one of the best out on the market today. It is a perfect device for those who shift from smoking cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.

When you purchase Atomic Dog Vapor’s Cuban ecigar, you get the best value for your money since it is very affordable. You can buy this e-cigar for only $13.99. It is readily available on the Atomic Dog Vapor website. You can find other reviews about Ecigars online.




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