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A Step-by-Step Guide to Making DIY Vape Juice

Have you ever stopped and considered that you can make your own vape juice? Probably you had a flavor combination that just popped into your head and you check and find out that it’s not even an existing vape juice flavor. Probably you are beginning to spend a whole lot of cash buying e-juices that never last so long for you. Whatever the reason, there is only one answer – make your own vape juice i.e. Do It Yourself.

Let us start with the basics that you will need:

  1. Base Liquid: This includes vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). These two ingredients are the most significant aspects of your vape juice mixture. They are in charge of the overall thickness of the e-juice, the amount of vapour and even the quality of the flavour that you will be rewarded with.
  2. Flavor Concentrates: This determines what your e-juice will taste like once you are done. There is a wide variety of flavorah concentrates you can select from. Make sure to buy high-temperature, water-soluble flavor concentrates. You can start with a one-shot concentrates i.e. using only one flavor, or you can spice things up with a flavor combination that will shock the vape industry.
  3. Nicotine: The amount of nicotine you will purchase will depend on the desired nicotine level. Nicotine is not a vital ingredient in vape juice. If you will be using nicotine, be extremely careful when using it and putting it away. Always keep it sealed and away from any youngster.
  4. Bottles: This is for storing your base liquids. If you will be working with nicotine, then it is advisable to store it in a golden or cobalt bottle to reduce its corruption.
  5. E-Juice Bottles: If this is going to be your first time, you may want to purchase plastic bottles to store your e-juice. They are economical and more convenient to work with than glass bottles. Make sure to purchase a few so you can make and store all of your DIY e-juice.
  6. Labels: You will need these so you can clearly mark each of the bottles just so you know which flavor is in which bottle.
  7. Gloves and Goggles: Making vape juice might not be complicated but you can never underestimate safety especially since you will be working with chemicals. You can purchase a case of dispensable latex or rubber gloves from any drug store, and the goggles from any store. Without these, making vape juice can be a dangerous ordeal.

There are different mixing methods, and it all depends on who is producing. The equipment you will be using for mixing also depends on the amount of e-juice that you will be making. Next, we will talk about what you will need for mixing your e-juice;

Syringes for mixing based on volume: Syringes are more efficient because you can take very little yet accurate measurements. Just make sure to have one syringe for all the ingredients you will be working with. You can buy a 10-30ml syringe for your base liquid, and 1ml syringe for your nicotine and flavor concentrates.

Measuring scale for mixing based on weight: You will be making use of an electronic scale that measures up to 0.01 grams. This is especially if you will be making large amounts of e-juice.

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