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7 Daze Egge Disposable Vaporizer Review

Who hasn’t heard about the famous and delicious 7 Daze vape juices? The e-liquids are flying off the shelves thanks to the outstanding quality and availability of diverse flavors. The brand has recently ventured out to introduce a line of disposable vaporizers including the 7 Daze Egge Disposable vape. This device is the world’s most compact and convenient vaporizers, and what’s more, it comes with all the 7 Daze tantalizing flavors.

Top features

Ready to use

The 7 Daze Egge disposable vaporizer comes pre-filled, pre-charged, and ready to use. You only need to use the e-juice available then dispose of the device according to local regulations. You do not have to stress about replacing any parts or refilling the tanks. The 7 Daze Egge is here to make vaping an enjoyable, flavorful walk in the park.

7ml e-liquid capacity

Few disposable vaporizers can boast of a 7ml vape juice capacity. The 7 Daze Egge may be compact, but it has sufficient space to fit a 7ml vape juice with 50mg tobacco-free nicotine.

A myriad of flavors to choose from

7 Daze Egge disposable vaporizers come in 14 different flavors, including the famous OG Reds Iced and Tropical Passion. All these flavors are expertly crafted to meet the needs of various vapers. Whether you prefer berries, cake, mango, mint, or lemon flavors, there is a flavor for you.

400mAh rechargeable battery

Are you looking for a device that has a rechargeable battery? Look no further. This device can be charged using a type C USB cable. It charges quickly to ensure your vaping sessions are not interrupted for long. The 400mAh battery can take you through an entire day of vaping without requiring a charge.

3000 puffs

The 7 Daze Egge produces up to 3000 puffs. It’s time to say goodbye to the vapes that have a short lifespan of fewer than 2000 puffs. The 7 Daze Brand understands the need to have a device that gives you value for your money.

Mesh coil for outstanding vapor and flavor

Any vaping enthusiast would pick mesh coils over traditional ones any day. Mesh coils burn evenly and have zero hotspots, which provides a flavorful and vapor-filled experience. It also ensures the longevity of the wick.

About 7 Daze

7 Daze has been in operation since 2013, but it wasn’t until 2014 that it began its successful journey towards making high-quality vape juices. The brand utilizes a team of experts to make the e-liquids we have all come to love. 7 Daze started as a vape juice brand but is slowly incorporating disposable vape manufacturing into its operations. This is undoubtedly one of the leading brands in the vaping scene, and they have earned that title diligently by producing high-quality products – one after the other.

Where to buy 7 Daze Egge Disposables

7 Daze Egge disposables are available at the Guide To Vaping online store for $13.99 each.


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