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SToK Silver VAP Kit

Product Details:
Product Code: STO4J94N2



The SToK Silver kit is vapor pen design to be used for vaporizing waxy concentrates. This pen comes stocked with the F5 Funnel cloud which is one of the most popular wax cartridges on the market.
The F5 Funnel cloud features an easy to load open face atomizer surrounded by a metal funnel. This funnel is designed to drip any excess materials directly onto the heating coil so nothing goes to waste.
SToK utilizes a 710 threaded battery that offers overcharge protection and an accidental discharge lock. These safety features help to prolong the life of your battery while reducing the risk of wasting any material.
Grab this SToK Silver kit and get everything you need to start vaporizing your waxes and concentrates with ease. Receive Free Priority Shipping and a FREE Herb Grinder with your Vaporizer!



  •     SToK V2 Battery (710 Threading)
  •     USB Charger
  •     F5 Funnel Cloud Cartridge
  •     Mouthpiece
  •     Instruction Manual


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