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Palm Vape

The Palm is a U.S.-manufactured portable vaporizer. It’s a direct draw system that relies on a single AA battery to power its ceramic heating el…


The Lotus vaporizer is the next big thing in the portable vaporizer market. The Lotus combines the best features between the Essential Vaaap, Vapman a…

Vapolution Pocket Vaporizer

The Vapolution Pocket Vaporizer is produced from sturdy borosilicate glass that works with a windproof lighter. It really is easy to use style fits in…

Alivi8 Vaporizer

The Alivi8 Vaporizer is a high quality flame-fuelled portable vaporizer. It is small enough to fit in your pocket and heats up in seconds. The Alivi8…

Palm 2.0

Palm 2.0 Portable Vaporizer Utilizing an even more compact design than its predecessor, the Palm Original.   Built with a durable polycarbonat…

Pinnacle Pro

The pinnacle pro vaporizer from VaporBlunt. Receive Free Priority Shipping and a FREE Herb Grinder with your Vaporizer!  One of the smallest con…

Atmos Junior

The AtmosRx Jr. is a smaller and more compact version of the original AtmosRx Vaporizer, making it even easier to vaporize while on the go. This Jr. v…


The PUFFiT X has several new features in addition to the features shared with the PUFFiT original. Receive Free Priority Shipping and a FREE Herb Grin…

VaporBLUNT 2.0

The VaporBLUNT 2.0 Vaporizer is built to work for both dried blends and essential oils at any altitude; along with a sleek design that is half the siz…

The Vaporblunt

The Vaporblunt is one of the best well thought of portable vaporizers available today. The Vaporblunt is a battery operated vaporizer with a rechargea…


The Vapman portable vaporizer is one of the smallest portable vaporizers you will ever see. Hand made in Switzerland with an excellent wooden design t…