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eDab HELOS Deluxe Kit

Product Details:
Product Code: EDATXWE326



The eDab HELOS introducing you with a new vaporizer. It will give you a better and safe experience with their advance kits. The eDab HELOS Deluxe is a vapor pen style vaporizer. The eDab HELOS Deluxe Kit is designed for use with waxy material, essential oils, and with some other concentrates.

The  eDab HELOS took its title through the cartridge of which arrives displayed with all the package, having a borosilicate glass dome around the replaceable eNail (atomizer) plus an easily-removed mouthpiece using monitor. Every single eNail features has an additional large dish to hold a lot of stuff and will quickly possibly be exchanged without purchasing a total brand-new cartridge, generating continuous servicing simple as well as inexpensive.

The eDab HELOS Deluxe Kit included eDab Spin 650mAh battery. Spinning into a reduced voltage will generate thin vapor even though dialing in a very high voltage will generate heavier vapor. This provides you total control over your vaporize.

The eDab HELOS has various safe features to increase your vaporizer life. An overcharge security system will keep your current battery protected though getting, though overheat reduction continues a person included though vaporizing. If your battery is engaged intended for in excess of 10 seconds, it'll automatically stop to avoid the battery or cartridge from overheating. Click the button 5 times in order to switch on the accidental launch, now you can put your current pen inside your pocket or baggage without worry of it accidentally warming up. If you want to vaporize anytime and anywhere, simply just click the button 5 more times in order to open the battery.


  • 1 x Original HELOS Glass Globe Cartridge with eNail
  • 2 x Replacement HELOS eNails
  • 1 x eDab Spin 650mAh Variable Voltage Battery 3.2V - 4.8V (510 thread)
  • 1 x HELOS Logo Lanyard
  • 1 x Wireless USB Charger
  • 1 x Wireless Wall Adapter
  • 1 x Wireless Car Charger Adapter
  • 1 x Mini eDab Essential Oil Dabber

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