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eDab HELOS Deluxe Kit

The eDab HELOS introducing you with a new vaporizer. It will give you a better and safe experience with their advance kits. The eDab HELOS Deluxe is…

Kanger EVOD Starter Kit

The EVOD is a fantastic kit that will work equally well for new and experienced e-cigarette users. The EVOD features excellent bottom-coil clearomizer…

White Rhino Disposable Wax Pen

White Rhino has just made your life a whole lot easier with their new disposable waxy vaporizer pen. This disposable pen is good for up to 100 puffs a…

Atmos Optimus 510

The measuring scale lets you see the amount of oil remaining. The unique heating element in the chamber heats up your oils evenly and neatly, no worri…

Atmos A-Pen

Atmos A Pen is yet another unit from Atmos that allows for the use of oils and wax which are quickly becoming the go to bases for vaporizer users. The…

Joyetech eVic Kit

The eVic is a revolutionary new device that can be updated through firmware. Instead of purchasing new releases of the device, simply download and ins…

Joyetech eCab Starter Kit

Based on design and structure of eGo series electronic cigarette, the eCab becomes more slim and prettier than eGo-T or eGo-C. Most of important, the …

Joyetech eGo-C Starter Kit

The eGo-C is the new and improved version of the eGo-T.  It is the first e-cigarette to apply the new changeable system allowing the user to chan…

SToK Silver VAP Kit

The SToK Silver kit is vapor pen design to be used for vaporizing waxy concentrates. This pen comes stocked with the F5 Funnel cloud which is one of t…

SToK Gold VAP Kit

The VAP Kit by SToK USA is a small portable vaporizer perfect for hitting the road and enjoying your favorite oil or concentrate without any unnecessa…

micro G Pen

Micro in size yet monumental in capability, the microG's simple and effective design is a functional anomaly.  With over $140 contained withi…

G Pen

Grenco Science proudly announces the release of the highly anticipated G Pen Herbal Vaporizer, the first G Pen specifically designed for use with drie…

Atmos Thermo W

The Thermo W, transformed and reintroduced with an all new waxy atomizer Now available. This Thermo device has a stylish casual look made Lightweight …

Cloud Pen 2.0

The CLOUD Pen™ 2.O Includes everything you need for the ultimate in portable vaporization. Receive Free Priority Shipping and a FREE Herb Grinde…

Atmos Bullet 2 Go

Meet the world's smallest and most affordable vaporizer. The Atmos Bullet-2-Go features a wickless ceramic heating chamber that enhances your vapo…


The Dube Vaporizer is here. Finally, a vaporizer that's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and easy to use. Just load your Dube and your…

Atmos Junior

The AtmosRx Jr. is a smaller and more compact version of the original AtmosRx Vaporizer, making it even easier to vaporize while on the go. This Jr. v…

Atmos RAW

Introducing the Atmos Raw Vaporizer, this sleek pocket vaporizer is made from the highest quality medical grade stainless steel and ceramic componen…