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Incredibowl i420 Deluxe

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Product Code: INC7ATNT2

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The Incredibowl i420 Deluxe is built with the patented BowlArmor technolgy allowing it to be a very durable smokin device.  The shatter proof polycarbonate expansion chamber helps the Incredibowl withstand some of the harshest accidental impacts that may happen to the device. The Incredibowl is designed with a cylindrical expansion chamber leading to the bowl end where you will find a spring loaded purge mechanism that is built very well allowing you to get quick and large pulls in one shot. If you want a bowl that you can bring without the worry of easily breaking it this is the way to go. Receive Free Priority Shipping and a FREE Herb Grinder with your Vaporizer!



  • Locking Carrying Case
  • Spare O-Rings and Screens with Container
  • Poker
  • Standard Size Glass Bowl
  • Spare Small Glass Bowl


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