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Tactical Hit Co. Lockable Dugout

Product Details:
Product Code: TACAZXEM31



Introducing the Tactical Hit Companies newest design, the Lockable Dugout. This Dugout is built with high grade lightweight aluminum built for durability and is about 3 inches tall, 2 inches wide and less than inch thick. The locking mechanism on lid is very solid and smooth when opening and comes with two rubber gripped keys. Underneath the lid is two chambers, the smaller chamber is for either one of the two bats that come with this dugout, the larger is for storage of your material. There is also a built-in poker tool with a spring loaded release located in between the two chambers.  The two bats you will recieve when buying this dugout adds to the versatility.  You will get one metal and one glass bat both come with its own cutting design on the tip to help cut into your material easier. So if your looking for durability, versatility and quality then there is no dugout that can compare to this one!



  • 1 Tactical Lockable Dugout
  • 2 Keys
  • 1 Poker Tool
  • 1 Stainless steel Bat with Serrated tip
  • 1 Glass Bat with textured tip
  • 1 Black Suede Carrying Pouch


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