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Tactical Hit Co. 2 Sided Dugout with Glass Bat

Product Details:
Product Code: TACKJRAM31



The Tactical Hit Co. 2 Sided Dugout with Glass Bat made in the US. Now you will be used to with a new Airplane grade metal dugouts are usually absolutely the particular toughest around, guarding your material inside of plus the glass bat.

This dugout has a twist top, with the top storing the spring loaded three hitter stainless steel cigarette bat along with jagged edges to assist you grind your current materials just before make use as well as and also pick up whatever sticking with the end in addition to a space for storage materials. To reveal a cleaning tool twist the bottom and you will find an additional storage area.


Each twist tops are generally100% adjustable. Which means you are able to modify the tension while using the supplied modifying wrench for making the top as well as the bottom swing open with no trouble or give resistance while opening and everything in between.


  • Universal 2 Sided Dugout
  • Stainless Steel Two Hitter Bat with Jagged Edge or Glass Bat with Option
  • Stainless Steel Poker
  • All Purpose Adjusting Wrench
  • Carrying Case

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