Ruthless Grape Drank by Ruthless E-Juice Review


Ruthless Grape Drank E-Juice by Ruthless E-juice is a delicious juice with the exhilarating taste of freshly picked grapes. It will satisfy any craving for grape that you have. This is an all day vape.

This is a mixture of grape candy and grape soda. Grape Drank is bound to leave you in grape heaven. Unlike other grape blends that have somewhat of an artificial taste, this one is very natural. Grape Drank is unlike any other e-liquid you have ever tasted. The perfect amount of carefully balanced nicotine has been added to top off the flavor and give the blend a smooth hit. As soon as you take your first hit of this sweet e-liquid, the ripe grape flavor hits you. The taste of the fresh, ripe, grapes stays consistent on the inhale and exhale. You get the natural, sweet taste of the freshly picked grapes flavor with every hit you take of Ruthless Grape Drank e-juice.

This is possibly the best grape e-juice on the market at the moment. The natural taste of freshly blended grapes can best be experienced than described. The delectable taste of this Ruthless e-juice is quite bold, but it never gets to the point where it becomes overbearing – even with the strong sweetness on the exhale. The blend is just smooth. This by far is one of the most brilliant grape blends ever made, and a must-have e-liquid for grape lovers. Grape Drank makes for a great summer vape. It is also a perfect after meal treat. This e-liquid smells and tastes great. You can taste some sweetness lingering on the roof of your mouth after each puff. However, the flavor is not overwhelming on the throat at all. This is a perfect vape for those who have a sweet tooth.

Ruthless Vapor, which has its headquarters in Ontario, California, has been creating premium sweet candy e-Juice flavors since 2011. Ruthless Vapor’s mission is to provide the best e-juice blends using high-quality ingredients. The company is able to accomplish this thanks to its meticulous quality control process which ensures that Ruthless perfects each and every flavor that bears its name. The core of the Ruthless Vapor line was inspired by childhood classic candy flavors. Some of Ruthless’ bestsellers include Grape Drank which is an infusion of grape soda and candy and EZ Duz It, which tastes like a watermelon-strawberry Jolly Rancher. Ruthless is one of the most popular e-juice makers out there and is a best seller on Smoking Things.

Ruthless’ Grape Drank e-juice has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70/30. You can choose to vape this e-juice using either a sub ohm tank or an RDA and you will enjoy its fantastic flavor. The overall flavor of this e-liquid is very mild, but if you want the taste to be hit you right away, vape it from an RDA. Although this e-juice is sweet, it is gentle on your coils and wick. You do not have to change your wick or clean your coils often when vaping Grape Drank. The vapor production of this Ruthless e-juice is terrific. You will find yourself engulfed in thick clouds of vapor when you are vaping this e-juice. If you’re up for a cloud party, you can count on this e-juice to be the center of attraction. I also love the aroma that it produces and I’m sure every vapor will too.

The throat hit of this e-liquid is very smooth. There is no harshness at all to the throat hit. You can vape this e-juice for a long time without getting any throat issues. It comes in a clear 60ml glass bottle with a dropper cup. The package design of this e-liquid is very nice. You will find all the usual information on the label on the bottle.

Ruthless’ Grape Drank e-juice comes with different nicotine strengths level so everyone can enjoy it regardless of your nicotine preference. Ruthless Grape Drank E-Juice is available with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. Vapers who do not want any nicotine can choose the version of Ruthless’ Grape Drank e-juice with 0 mg of nicotine. On the other hand, vapers who enjoy consuming moderate to high amounts of nicotine can opt for either the version of Grape Drank with 3 or 6mg of nicotine. This e-juice has an all-around smooth throat hit that does not leave any uncomfortable sensation.

This product is available at all top vape shops but can be bought at a cheap price of $19.99 at



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